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Come Inside the Purple Store at Barefoot Landing!

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Come Meet Purple Barb and Take A Look At Her Store!

Have you ever wanted to meet PurpleBarb?

She's in the Purpleologist often, but sometimes you miss her...!

Well, we now have her on video!

Take a look and listen!

Out and About at Barefoot Landing with Purpleologist

"Hi, I am Lauren from the Alabama Theater and this week on 'Out and About at Barefoot Landing we speak with Barbara of Purpleologist"

  • Find out how 'purple' became Barbara's favorite color!
  • Explore all types of purple items for sale in the purple shop!
  • Learn what type of item is most often custom-made because it's hard to find in purple.
  • See a small selection of PurpleBarb's photography.
  • Locate Purpleologist at Barefoot Landing!

Out & About at Barefoot Landing with Purpleologist from Barefoot Landing on Vimeo.

Do You Need Any Other Reason To Come Visit The Beach?

We think not!

Purple, purple, purple!

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