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Purpleologist's Favorite Purple Animals

Posted by social PURPLEologist on 21st Jan 2016

What is Your Favorite Purple Animal?

At Purpleologist we often discuss where we can find purple! We find Purple in fashion, purple in flowers, purple in sunsets and rainbows, purple food, and purple decor...

Now we are going to share our top purple animals! Can you believe there are real purple animals? What is your favorite purple toned animal? We have found purple in birds, insects, fish, snails, frogs, snakes and more.

We even heard about a purple squirrel on the internet, but with a little research we found that the little fluff ball did not come across purple naturally. But may have taken a swim in a porta-potty with all those nasty chemicals, and not to mention what else! Now we like purple, but we would not recommend dying your coat in this particular fashion! To read more about the infamous squirrel click here

What would you name your pet if it were purple? Here are some suggestions... 

  • Violet
  • Grape Ape
  • Fandango
  • Lavender the labrador
  • Royal

Lets get back on task and go over our top purple animals...

Purple Animals

1.  The Purple Starling

The purple starling is a member of the starling bird family. It resides in tropical Africa. They have a metallic purple body and head, with green wings (sounds like our choice of colors for a Christmas ornament). The starling is an omnivore, eating fruits and insects. 

2.  Purple Emperor Butterfly

Purple Emperors are Eurasian butterflies that are found in continental Europe and northern Asia. They live in the treetops of forests. The purple emperor does not feed on flowers like most butterflies. They feed on honeydew instead. They also eat animal dung and urine. (Maybe they should look for a porta-potty along with the squirrel!)

3. Purple Starfish

The starfish can range in various amounts of colors, including purple or violet. The starfish is native to the Atlantic Ocean. They consist of five legs and look like a star, hence the name starfish. They feed on barnacles, mollusks, and marine worms. 

Have you spotted any starfish on the sands of Myrtle Beach?

4. Indian Purple Frog

The adult indian purple frog (aka pignose frog) was just recently discovered in 2003 and are found in India. This purple frog is much more rounded than other frogs. They are a dark purplish and grey color. Termites are their food of choice, as they like to burrow underground. 

5. Elegant Firefish

The elegant firefish is found in tropical waters in the West Pacific. The firefish consists of many colors including a purple head and strips of purple along the fins. This particular fish is a suitable fish for aquariums because it is rather calm. 

6. Janthina Janthina

Janthina Janthina is surprisingly a type of sea snail. Lovely name for a snail, I must say! This particular snail is violet and purple in color. The snail can be found all over the world in warm tropical waters. They live on the surface of the ocean, where they trap air bubbles. These air bubbles create a bubble raft, which allows them to float upside down at the top of the water. 

There you have it, our list of Purpleologist's favorite purple animals from across the globe. What are your favorites? Have you ever run across any of the above animals?

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