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Purple By Definition

Posted by social PURPLEologist on 25th Feb 2016

The Meaning Behind Purple

In the past we have discussed a lot about purple. We have shared all sorts of purple, from flowers to animals, fashion to home decor, and foods such as entrees and desserts. We have even shared movies, songs, and poetry that include purple. Overall, it is obvious that Purpleologist loves anything and everything to do with purple. That is why we are going to get down to the bottom of purple! 

What is purple? What does it mean? Where did it come from? Why is purple so popular?

Lets chat about the meaning behind purple!

According to Meriam-Webster's...

Simple Definition- "A color that is between red and blue"

Full Definition- 1. "cloth dyed purple, a garment of such color; especially: a purple robe worn as an emblem of rank                                  or aurthority"

                          2. "Any of various colors that fall about midway between red and blue in hue"

                          3. "A mollusk (as of the genus Purpura) yielding a purple dye and especially the Tyrian purple of                                        ancient times" "a pigment or dye that colors purple"

The Meaning Behind Purple

The color purple throughout history has been associated with power, wisdom, nobility, and royalty.

Purple is also associated with passion, spirituality, fulfillment, and vitality.

Different shades of purple have different meanings behind them. Bright purple represents royalty and wealth. Dark purple shades evoke feelings of gloom, sadness, and frustration. Light purple represents romance and nostalgia, as well as feminine energy and delicacy.

The combination of a strong warm color with a strong cool color, creates both cool and warm properties. So in one aspect, purple can enhance creativity and on the other hand, excess purple can create moodiness.

The Meaning Of Purple Around The World

  • Iran - If the sun or moon looks purple during an eclipse, it is an omen that bloodshed will come within the year.
  • Egypt -  faith and virtue
  • Japan - wealth and position
  • Tibet - amethyst is considered sacred to Buddha
  • Thailand - a widow mourning the loss of her husband wears purple.
  • United States - the military Purple Heart represents courage.
  • Tudor Britain - violet was the color of religious fervor
  • China - purple is associated with excessive spending and can be considered rude to wear in certain situations.
  • Brazil - mourning

Where Did The Word Purple Come From?

Purple derives from the Latin purpura and comes from the Old English word purpul.

Purple was first used in the English language in 975 AD.

How Was The Color Purple Discovered?

Purple dye originally came from the mucous secretion of a medium sized sea snail that is found in the Mediterranean Sea. In order to make the dye, thousands of snails were collected and then boiled in large lead vats for days at a time.

The earliest purple dyes date back to 1900 B.C.

Did you know that Cleopatra's sails were dyed with purple? It was said that Cleopatra had her servants soak 20,000 Purpura snails for 10 days to make one ounce of Tyrian purple dye.

Did you know that in Rome, the emperors wore purple robes as a sign of rank and authority. 

Purple In Science

Purple is the most powerful visible wavelength of electromagnetic energy and is just steps away from x-rays and gamma rays.

Negative Meanings Behind Purple

  • Arrogance
  • Mourning
  • conceit

What does it mean if you love purple, click here for details.

Words That Represent Various Shades of Purple

Plum, eggplant, violet, lilac, pomegranate, lavender, royal, mauve, orchid, amethyst, 

thistle, mulberry, magenta, puce.

If you love purple, pass it along to the next generation! You can watch this educational video with your kids!

At Purpleologist of Myrtle Beach, we love learning about purple!

What does purple mean to you?