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A Special Story

Purplebarb McCahill, owner of PURPLEologist, has taken a number of photography classes over the years, but says it is her "love of color, photography and travel" that has allowed her many hours of pleasure behind her camera.
Her love of photography, however, began with a childhood experience when she was asked by a Kodak Company photographer to pose for a 1964 World's Fair Billboard.
This photographer taught her the art of "patience to capture a good picture."
She says, "In those days we didn't have digital cameras, so one couldn't Photoshop clouds into a flat sky. Day, after day, we dressed and waited for the puffy white clouds to appear just so I could jump rope in my pretty new red dress."
Although she had to wear red for the photo shoot, Barbara learned the importance of what color can do.
(She did think about changing the dress to purple, but decided to let history be.)

30'x30' Billboard Photograph on top of the Kodak Building at the 1964 World's Fair,
in New York City.

What Barbara didn't know at the time, was that her some day to be husband, Len, worked across the street from the Kodak Building and spent two years staring up at this billboard not knowing that the little girl in the red dress would some day become his bride.