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About PurpleBarb


Barbara McCahill, also known as "PurpleBarb" or "Chief PURPLEologist", doesn't simply love the color purple; it defines her life, her home and the reason she created her PURPLEologist store. She believes purple isn't just a color, but a way of life! Barbara considers purple to be a spiritual color and the color of goodwill and happiness. She says that "purple is a cheerful color that makes me feel happy". She believes she must have been "born with a purple spoon in her mouth!"

She drives a purple convertible Sebring, has a purple golf cart with a purple golf bag and clubs, and rides a purple bicycle.

Since Barbara wears purple every day, her closet is full of violet dresses, lilac shirts, purple shoes, amethyst jewelry, lavender scarves, and plum handbags.

She has a great love of photography, especially for purple subjects!

In addition to being owner of PURPLEologist, Barbara is also an inspirational speaker for churches, woman's clubs, and other motivational events and writing inspirational/motivational books is her biggest passion. She has several projects she is working toward having published and you can bet there will be purple book jackets involved!


Appropriately dressed head to toe in purple, Barbara "PurpleBarb" McCahill participates in community events like the local Christmas Parade by entering her unique float consisting of her purple convertible with her purple bicycle on the back and a seven foot purple Christmas tree growing out of the back seat!


Out & About at Barefoot Landing with Purpleologist from Barefoot Landing on Vimeo.