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​7 Unique Facts about Purple

​7 Unique Facts about Purple

30th Jul 2015

7 unique facts about purple!

We Love Purple!

As we are always looking for fun things to share with our purple-loving community, we've gathered some fun facts about purple for you, the purpleologist! Sit back and relax. Read and share!

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Here are 7 Unique Facts about Purple!

1. Carrots used to be purple, now most are orange!

There are many theories as to how and why most carrots are now orange. As far as we can tell, the Dutch have something to do with it. As the story goes 17th century Dutch farmers started to cross-breed specifically for orange carrots in honor of their ruler, William of Orange. Read more here.

2. Porphyrophobia is fear of the color purple.

Say what? We can't imagine someone being fearful of the color purple, however, fearing purple is a real thing! As explained on, "the fear of virtually any color is linked to negative associations. The fear can develop as a result of observation or personal experience, but it often goes back to either a conscious or subconscious, but highly negative association between the color purple and something that left a lasting negative impression."

3. Purple Day is celebrated on March 26.

Purple Day was founded in 2008, by Cassidy Megan of Nova Scotia, Canada. Purple Day is celebrated on March 26 and was created to raise awareness for epilepsy. "I wanted people around the world to come together and teach others about epilepsy." 

4. There ARE words that rhyme with 'purple'.

There are several words that rhyme with the word purple. We have found four.

5. There is only one nation with purple in its flag; Dominica.

Most flags have colors like red, blue, white, black or green. There is however one nation whose flag has purple in it and that's Dominica. Their flag displays a parrot with purple chest and head. 

6. 'Purple People Bridge', not 'Purple People Eater'.

The 'purple people bridge' is a purple pedestrian bridge that connects Cincinnati, Ohio with Newport, Kentucky. With input from local residents, purple was picked for the bridge because "Purple is a good color for public consumption. If you paint a room purple, it can drive you crazy. But it looks good on something like a bridge."

7. Violet, or purple, eyes are extremely rare. 

You might have seen celebrities with violet, or purple eyes. Most of those people are wearing purple contact lenses - to be noticed and look different and to be remembered. Violet eyes are very rare; only (some) people with Albinism or Alexandria's Genesis may have that color eyes. 

Do you have a PURPLE fact to share? 

Let's hear it! Comment below and once we have 5-7 new facts, we'll create another article!