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11 Purple Quotes To Share With Those Who Love Purple!

Posted by Social PURPLEologist on 17th Aug 2015

Purple Quotes

We at PURPLEologist love all things purple, as evident in our North Myrtle Beach store and in our online store where everything, and we mean everything is purple!

As we restarted our social media efforts recently, we've been pleasantly surprised to see our purple communities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest in action! We've seen so many great shares, posts and images with... purple, of course, and the passion and love for all things purple seems to be contagious. 

Each time we share a (new) purple quote, our community comes in an embraces the quotes with likes, shares and comments!

We love you, our very own PURPLEologists! 

Today, we'd like to share some of our most favorite purple quotes! 

Feel free to share, pin, tweet, gram and like these all over the internet...;)

Here are 11 Purple Quotes To Share With Those Who Love Purple!

1. "I don't have a purple problem, I have a purple passion!" - Jackie Harmon Sweeney

2. "Find beauty in the little things"

3. "A garden of purple is always in bloom!"

4. "We run on purple time"

5. "Wishing you smiles, hugs and lots of purple"

6. "Don't worry, be purple"

7. "Live purple"

8. "Enjoy every (purple) moment"

9. "Make all things purple"

10. "Purple is just... awesome"

11. "Smile, you are beautiful"

We love, love love quotes! If you have an awesome quote for us, please share it with us here, in a comment, or join our Facebook community by giving us a like

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