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Purple; The New Winter Fashion Trend!

Posted by social PURPLEologist on 16th Dec 2015

Spring, Summer, Fall... 

Spring, summer, and fall make for fun colorful fashion trends. These seasons are known for bright pops of color that will brighten up every outfit. 

Spring makes for cooler and softer color choices. A mix of brights, pale pastels and nature-like neutrals take the stage for spring time.

The warm summer air matches well with whites mixed with brights! Of course when you live at the beach, fashion comes easy in the summer! Just grab your swim suit, a coverup, and your favorite pair of flops! 

Cozy up into fall with subtle warmer tones. Oranges, reds, and browns match well with the changing leaves and morning crisp air.

Winter is Here

Welcome to winter, well at least in some parts of the country! Myrtle Beach, however, is having seasonably warm weather (I myself, am not complaining). With it averaging in the 70's right now, it is hard to organize our winter wardrobe. But in preparation for what could be in store, Purpleologist is setting the new fashion trend for winter 2016.

The biggest color trend for winter is no longer black and grey! This winter the new trend is... drumroll please... PURPLE! Of course black and grey will always be popular, but adding a burst of purple will make you stand out when walking through any door!

"All the other colors are just colors, but purple seems to have a soul. Purple is not just a noun and an adjective but also a verb when you look at it, its looking back at you." Uniek Swain, screenwriter

Purple is obviously our favorite color ever and we are extremely excited to see it as a major trend this winter. Purple fits fabulous when paired with black, grey, white, and even brown. Purple is very versatile and works wonders to any outfit.

The darkest shades of purple are the hottest for winter. You can also get a way with brights, but the darks will have a classic, sophisticated look. 

"What you wear is how you present yourself to the world. Especially, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language" Miuccia Prada, designer

Purple Fashion For Winter

Purpleologist wants everyone to feel ROYAL this winter. We have picked out a few suggestions, so you can feel like a queen all winter long. The Myrtle Beach fashion police will surely leave you alone with the following trends...

  • Faux fur vests are all the hype this winter. Match a royal purple vest with black skinny jeans and black boots. This look is chic and sharp.
  • Two shades of purple. Pair a casual purple shirt, under a separate shaded purple tweed trench coat, with a pair of jeans. Here you have a perfect look for lunch and shopping with friends. 
  • I know what I am wearing for any holiday celebrations this winter. A fuchsia or deep, dark purple dress with black tights and black ankle boots.
  • If you are not willing to let go of the grey's and blacks for the winter season, no problem. Both colors work well with any purple accents! There are no limits here, you can add purple scarvesjewels, or a purple clutch to make your grey's and black's pop! 
  • Another way to make your grey and black outfits standout is by wearing purple heels! A casual grey sweater, your casual skinny jeans and a pop of purple with your sassy high heels! Sexy but casual!

This winter, be chic, be fun, be sophisticated, be a royal, wear PURPLE!

No one wear purple better than PurpleBarb herself...!